Aussie zucchini Omelette


Aussie Omelette
3 eggs
1 grated zucchini
Handful of grated carrot
4 cherry tomatoes
1 clove of garlic (actually I had 2 for immunity building)
Himalayan salt & pepper to taste
Splash of Macadamia oil (or your choice of oil)
To serve:
Squeeze of lemon
Half an avocado
truffle oil (optional)

Whisk eggs, then add in all the other ingredients. Cook on a very low heat with your oil of choice.
This omelette is quite wet, with all of the liquid in the veges, which is how I prefer it, and its also great for digestion, particularly in the morning to have ‘wetter’ foods.
Serve with half an avocado with a bit of lemon squeezed over the top.
I found some truffle oil in the pantry…and a few drops of that was devine!!


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