Rawlicious Red Salad


Rawlicious Red salad
Heres a pic of a yummy colourful, vegan dinner I had recently. I like deviating away from a traditional lettuce salad and this red salad delivers amazing colour, flavour and nutrition in bucket loads.
Served with the yummiest, simplest hummus, guacamole and bean & lentil curry.
There are no rules or measurements here, just combine the following to your own tastes:
Grated carrot
Grated beetroot
Chopped red capsicum
Red onion
Shaved cauliflower
Shaved broccoli
Grated apple

Sprinkle of sesame seeds

Apple cider vinegar
Lemon juice
Hemp seed oil
Salt & pepper
Sweetener of choice *optional (honey, coconut palm nectar, maple syrup)


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