5 day Juice fast and liver flush


I’ve done this fast and liver/gallbladder flush a few times now.  It’s really important to follow the procedure properly in order to get good results.

I’m on Day 2 of my 4th fast and flush and I am LOVING it.  Day 1 was difficult, but today I feel amazing!  This has a lot to do with doing a coffee enema this morning, which never fails to stimulate my system when its not doing its job.  While a fast and flush can be done without colonics or enemas, if the body is carrying a high toxic load, I would highly recommend them.  Detoxing but not evacuating is kind of like washing the dishes but putting them back in a dirty cupboard.  Once you’ve dislodged toxins, if they’re not sent out of the body, they are reabsorbed by the bloodstream and liver – which undoes all of the hard work!  If you have a large toxic load and you’re feeling particularly bad, quite often you’ll enter a healing crisis i.e. you’re detoxing too fast for the body to cope.  Slowing down the detox by eating some fibre or by using enema’s or colonics will really help.

Enough said.  Here’s my protocol for my 5 day low glycemic juice fast and liver flush.

Please do your own research as I hold no responsibility for anyone who chooses to undertake this protocol.

What you will need:

Food grade malic acid (up to 4 tsps) or apple cider vinegar or freshly squeezed green apples

*Digestive enzymes

*OxyC or any other herbal laxatives (combination of Vitamin C and magnesium)

Dark green leafy vegetables, fresh herbs, any non starchy veges



herbal tea

high speed blender and nut mylk bag OR cold press juicer

Liver Flush

Castor oil and something to use as a pack like a cotton teatowel


Epsom salts

Olive oil


*Coffee Enema

*Organic coffee – powdered

*Enema bag

*coconut oil


DAY 1 – 3

  • AM Coffee or water enema – optional
  • Malic acid – 1/2 – 1 tsp in a glass of water.  Rinse mouth with baking soda or brush teeth to neutralise the acid to ensure teeth enamel is not affected.
    • OR If using ACV, take 3-4 T in a glass of water up to 3 times daily.
    • OR If using freshly squeezed apple juice, drink 1 litre a day, throughout the day.
  • Green juice.  I usually have 2 big juices of around 750ml-1 litre a day
  • Herbal teas and water – as much as you like
  • *Oxy C / Herbal laxative – up to 10 per day, throughout the day
  • *Digestive enzymes – up to 10 per day, throughout the day


Day 4

  • Take all supplements and juice before 1pm
  • Drink only water until 6pm
  • 6pm Drink 1st lot of epsom salts and water
  • 8pm Drink 2nd lot of epsom salts and water
  • 9.45pm Prepare 3rd and 4th epsom salts for morning and prepare coffee enema for the morning if you are doing one.
  • 10pm Blend olive oil and grapefruit drink until emulsified and drink through a straw.
  • Apply castor pack straight away and go straight to bed and lie on right side.  Try not to move around too much or 20 minutes.

Day 5

  • 6am Drink 3rd lot of epsom salts
  • 8am Drink 4th lot of epsom salts
  • 9am Plain water enema followed by a coffee enema
  • If you feel hungry, start with juices like papaya or blended soups and reintroduce slowly.


To help with detoxification

  • Hot baths with epsom salts, baking soda, essential oils
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Dry skin brushing – 5 mins a day
  • Oil pulling – use coconut or olive oil and swish around mouth and through teeth for 20 minutes a day
  • Enema’s or colonic hydration
  • Tongue scraping – use a teaspoon to scrape the gunk from off the tongue


How often should a liver cleanse be done?

Every month until two cleanses in a row are clear of stones, then once every 6 months as maintenance.  I like to do mine in the two weeks between the full moon and new moon.  Every 3 liver flushes, a kidney cleanse should be done.



Coffee enema

Mix 4 T of organic powdered coffee into about a litre of water.  Boil for 3 minutes, then simmer for 20 minutes.  Cool until its at body temperature.  Pour into enema bag.

You can find out how to do a coffee enema here.

Epsom salt recipe

(you will need 4 lots of this mixture)

1 T epsom salts

3/4 cup water


Olive oil recipe

3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

1 cup freshly squeezed grapefruit juice (or 50/50 lemon and orange juice)

Blend together until emulsified.  Drink through a straw.


Castor oil pack instructions

Pour about 1/2 cup of castor oil onto a cotton pack.  Apply to the area where your liver sits, underneath your right rib.  Glad wrap yourself up to keep it in place.


Green juice recipe

Spinach leaves

10 cms cucumber

1 sml lemon (skin on or off according to your preference)

sml handful fresh herbs

2 cms ginger root

2 cloves garlic

a wedge of onion

I usually blend and then squeeze through a nut mylk bag.  If you have a cold press juicer, this is great too!  Add any non starchy vege to the juice.  I don’t use fruit as I like to keep my juice low glycemic, however if you wish to slow down detoxification, you can have fruit juice or whole fruit.  I don’t like to use kale raw as its not particularly digestible.

You can add turmeric, himalayan salt, cayenne, soaked flaxseeds, wasabi, horseradish powder, cinnamon, diatomaceous earth, bentonite or zeolite or any other condiments you wish.






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