The healthnut & her Mum (& Sprouted grain porridge)

Suffice to say that more times than not, my Mums ventures into the kitchen when I’m cooking typically earn a grimace and wrinkled nose rather than a delighted grin.  So this week has been an interesting one, as I announced there were no cooking duties for Mum while we launched into a roadtrip/lakeside bach holiday. 

I’ve had to tone down my extreme health-nuttyness and Mum’s got to try some new ingredients!

This morning Mum had scrambled (free range eggs).  They were scrambled with a tablespoon of coconut cream and some parsley and served with an avo, capsicum and spring onion, lemon juice side.


I decided to embark on a sprout porridge.  I had soaked amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa overnight, disposed of the water and left them to sprout.  Because its so warm here, the quinoa sprouted within a day.  The amaranth and buckwheat needed a bit more time but I decided I needed porridge this morning. 

Sprouting makes seeds and grains far more digestible as it disposes of the phytic acid.   Phytic acid is the component that allows seeds and grain toremain dormant and be stored dry for long periods.  Once the seed has access to water and warmth, the seed sprouts and all of the energy is released.  Phytic acid chelates important minerals and prohibits essential enzymes required for protein digestion…ie: its important for those with low stomach acid to avoid phytic acid!

Sprouted grain porridge:

Buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa – sprouted

Combine with water to cover about 1 cm above the grain/seeds.  I added about 3 T of coconut cream.  This is optional.  You could replace part of the water with milk of your choice.  I added a tablespoon of powered stevia/eurythritol (Betta Sweet), a swirl of brown rice syrup and a handful of blueberries.  I simmered this for about 20 minutes until the porridge thickened and threatened to stick to the bottom of the pot.

I served with finely diced pineapple.



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