Perpetual cocoyo (My weekday brekkie)


Oh bliss…hanging out in my activewear in a different postcode, green tea in the sun and blogging about food…before lunch at the amazing 2 birds eatery and partying with friends tonight…thanks and gratitude for this juicy little MIT (Moment In Time ;)..its the little things that count right…? And the theme of the week has been work life balance…my solution is… Cocoyo….Seriously, life will be taken up a notch by this decadent (but healthy) treat.  Forget working late..make some cocoyo… its so easy! Put the weetbix aside…eat cocoyo..its so yummy!  Forget financial $$ with cocoyo..its cheap!

Coconut yoghurt is a staple in my fridge… As is a jar of soaked chia and a defrosted jar of chopped pineapple and a random jar mixture of nuts and seeds, cinnamon and cacao powder..and a sprinkle of maca. Most mornings I’ll grab the handful of oob blueberries I left out to defrost the night before and add a few tablespoons of all of the above and thats brekkie.  Fast, nutritious and easy on the digestion.  You could add some green powder…or really, whatever floats your boat, coconut is really good… Personally, I find green powder ruins the taste and I prefer to take my green shot (wheat or barley grass, moringa, spirulina, apple cider vinegar) as a one gulp tonic without bastardizing my food!

Note on nuts and seeds – The key to making the nuts and seeds more digestible is to activate them.  This removes the phytates.  Phytates are not readily available to our digestive systems.  This makes a lot of sense.  Heres why…Nuts and seeds are able to be stored dry for long periods of time.   During this time they lie dormant.  As soon as water and light are introduced, life begins!  Phytates are the energy that the seed uses to explode into its true form ….    (cue inspirational Discovery music and David Attenborough voice over)… a tiny little sprout!  So you don’t need phytates in your body..they are super duper seed energy – not homosapien energy. 

Anyway…sidetrack…you can buy activated nuts and seeds but they’re expensive.  However if you’re a crazy, hippy healthnut such as myself, you might have a dehydrator, in which case you can soak, then dehydrate and store your bounty in glass jars.  I highly recommend as you’ll end up with a crunchy, yummy nut or seed…once you’ve had activated, you won’t want to go back.  And your tummy will thank you for it!

You might ask the question of all those paleo-manics out there – so clearly cavemen didn’t pull out the dehydrator … so…why bother?   I say, take advantage of technology and science…try it..if it works..if its good value for the effort in your world…then good…There are many reasons why our digestive systems aren’t working optimally.  This is just one way of helping it along. 

I’m a huge fan of getting bang for your buck.  I’ve made several batches of cocoyo since my last published cocoyo recipe and after a prompt from a friend I thought I’d run a little update….


1L Kara coconut cream
1 packet body ecology yoghurt/kefir starter
2 T non refined sweetener (raw honey/brown rice syrup etc)

1.  Heat the coconut cream just so its a bit warmer than room temperature.  You don’t want it too hot as the good bacteria in the honey will die as will your starter.
2.  Add the sweetener and starter.  Mix well.
3.  Put in oven overnight with the light on.
4.  Store in the fridge.  Lasts for a couple of weeks minimum.

So this is how you make your first batch.  However!! Reserve 1/4 cup from this batch to use as the starter for your next batch IN PLACE OF the body ecology.  Now you have Perpetual Cocoyo!!

1.  To make an even thicker yoghurt, store your Kara in the fridge and use just the coconut cream, not the liquid whey.  You can also strain it through a few layers of cheesecloth.
2.  I’ve found I have the best result (& value for money) with Kara.  The next best is the Tradeaid coconut milk which has the consistency of cream.  The best coconut cream on the market in terms of straight cream without any preservatives and additives is Ayam, but it just doesn’t make as good of an end product and its more expensive.
3. You can use 6-7 capsules of a good probiotic like Lifestream Advanced instead of Body ecology. 

BTW if you’re in Palmy postcode you can buy Kara at any supermarket ($5-$6) and body ecology at Organic living.  Its about $10.

Go well healthnuts..have an off the chart weekend x


Onion bread


Recipe credit Elaina Love

This recipe is raw, dehydrated and a satisfying bread substitute. 

The aroma wafting through the house as these are ‘uncooking’ is incredible.  Its the rich tamari seasoning and the pungent onions that catch my attention and demand taste tests ASAP!

This recipe is incredibly simple in terms of ingredients, as long as you have a dehydrator.  Do not attempt in the oven!!  It takes A LOT of time..24 hrs, then another 12 hours after it pays to fill your dehydrator up with double or triple batches to make the most of the time.  Or..if you have a new Sedona (like me ;), then you can use your seperator tray to operate the top or bottom half only.

Onion bread

3 large yellow onions
3/4 cup flax seeds, unsoaked, ground
3/4 cup sunflower seeds, unsoaked, ground
1/4 cup wheat free tamari
1/3 cup olive oil

1.  Peel onions, slice finely using a mandoline.
2.  Place onions in a bowl, add remaining ingredients.  Mix well to combine.  Take 1/4 of mixture and blend to a smooth batter.  Mix this back into the remaining mixture.
3.  Spread 1.5 cups of mixture evenly onto a teflex lined dehydrator sheet.  Repeat until all mixture is used.
4.  Dehydrate at 41C or 105F for 24 hours.
5.  Flip and peel off teflex sheet.  Dehydrate for another 12 hours or until its reached the texture you prefer.  I like mine still moist and tender. Next time I’ll use a little less tamari and oil as the tamari is quite overpowering and I want the onions to be the king of this recipe.

I cut mine into pieces, wrapped in parchment paper and froze it.  I eat it by itself as its so tasty..or you can serve alongside a salad or with guacamole or hummus.